2005 Yamaha V Max

V Max

Introducing the 20th Anniversary Limited Edition V Max And he's dressed up for the occasion in unique attire - •Special Shift Red paint with flames •Blacked out rims •Red pinstripes •Yellow turn signal bulbs behind clear lenses •Serial-numbered plate Yet, some things haven't changed. He's still the original liquid-cooled, 1198cc, DOHC, 16-valve, V-4 beast that's won more Best Musclebike awards than it knows what to do with. For over 20 years now, Mad Max has been wiping the boulevard with pretty much every musclebike-come-lately in terms of pure, unadulterated acceleration. What else would you expect from a machine with high-lift cams and a quartet of massive downdraft carbs stoking its ravenous V-4 powerplant. Things really get fun once the tachometer sweeps past 6000 rpm and V-Boost induction kicks in, force-feeding the engine, via a servo-controlled butterfly valve, huge mouthfuls of unleaded. There is a civilized side to the brute, however, including these features - •Vibration-quelling counterbalancer •Smooth, hydraulically activated clutch •Adjustable front and rear suspension •Triple disc brakes As Motorcyclist magazine so kindly pointed out, "nothing before or since turns straight pavement into a party quite like it."